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Southern Farm Cater
ing Corporate Catering

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Escape the Mundane!
               Catering Doesn't Have to be Boring!

Southern Farm Catering Offers

On-Site, Full Service Corporate Catering

*minimum 50 people

Full service catering from our Catering Packages Menu include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Paper Plates

  • Eating and Serving Utensils

  • Napkins 

  • Condiments 

  • Tables and linens for the buffet

  • Chafing dishes and sterno

  • And of course our delicious food!

The buffet is a self-serve buffet however, our staff will keep it fully replenished. The only thing you need is a place for your staff to eat and trash cans to dispose of their plates. 

Southern Farm Catering will come to your location approximately 1 1⁄2 to 2 hours before your staff are ready to eat. We then prepare the food and set up buffet line. Your guest will have ample time to enjoy the food. 

We then break down the buffet, wrap up any leftover food for you, pack up our belongings and leave you to the rest of your day!

Napkins, plasticware, and bbq sauces for off premise event
Southern Farm Catering Truck behind buffet
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Don't Need Us On-Site?  No problem!

Order catering packages for delivery or pickup. Set-up available.

Southern Farm Catering Delivery with set-up from our Catering Packages Menu include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Paper Plates 

  • Eating and Serving Utensils 

  • Napkins 

  • And of course our delicious food!

Southern Farm Catering will come to your location approximately 15 minutes to a half-hour before your staff are ready to eat and we set up buffet on tables provided by you.

The delivery and set up option does not include chafing dishes, sternos, or linens for the buffet, however, a disposable chafing dish, well pan, and 2 sternos can be purchased from us for $15 per set or may be purchased on your own. 

A completely ready to go self-serve buffet will be set when we leave. Replenishing the buffet and clean up of the buffet is up to you. 

counter small buffet set up
coleslaw and potato salad at business buffet

For Delivery & Pick Up Options, Choose From Either Our Package Menu or Our Party Tray Menu

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Now Available!!!

Breakfast Trays

All food is by the tray. 8 am is the earliest pick-up. Delivery when available.   Plates, napkins, eating & serving utensils, chaffing dishes, & sterno are not included. 

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Why Use
Southern Farm Catering?

slider sandwich displays at outdoor event

• We Work With Your Budget

Let us come up with a menu to fit your budget! Add or remove items at your discretion.

• Free Delivery within 3 Miles of our Location

• Gluten Free, Vegetarian, & Vegan Options

• Catering Packages For as Few as 6 People

• Impeccable Service

• And Of Course, Delicious Food

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Let’s Work Together !

Fill out our Catering Request Form and let's see what we can do for you!

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