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Catering Packages at Southern Farm Catering

Available for Pick-Up or Delivery        *6 person minimum          All packages come with plates, napkins, & utensils.        

We ask for 36 hours notice for orders, but we will do our best to fulfill orders with less notice. 


*Menu prices are subject to change

Call to Order: 267-435-3276

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1 Entree, with 2 Regular Sides          $13.99 per person

2 Entrees, with 2 Regular Sides        $15.99 per person

3 Entrees, with 2 Regular Sides        $19.99 per person

4 Entrees, with 2 Regular Sides         $23.99 per person

*Beef Brisket add $3 per person

*Ribs add $2 per person

*Premium Sides add $1 extra per person


Entree Choices:

Chicken & Dumplings        • BBQ Pulled Pork         • Bayou Jambalaya 

• BBQ Pulled Chicken         • Cornbread Chicken with Sausage Gravy

• *Smoked Ribs        • BBQ Chicken Legs & Thighs

• *BBQ Beef Brisket       

• Creole Pasta (Regular, Blackened Chicken or Shrimp)

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Regular Side Choices:

Memphis Coleslaw      •Poppy’s Roasted Potatoes      •Southern Potato Salad

•Low Country Cajun Rice      •Trinity Macaroni Salad       •Roasted Farm Carrots

•Baked Beans - vegetarian

*Premium Side Choices:

Cinnamon Baked Apples      •Creamy Mac & Cheese      •Creamed Spinach

•Mom Mom’s Pineapple Stuffing      •Southern Green Beans with Bacon

•Farmhouse Mashed Potatoes      •Seasoned Roasted Vegetables


Additional Sides: 

Regular Sides - $2 per person 

 Premium Sides - $3 per person


Disposable Chafing Dish & Sterno Set - $15

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