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Southern Farm Gives Back

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As owners of a small business, and spouses, we know what it means to be part of a community. We grew up here - going to school, playing with friends, riding our bikes, and making sure to get home when the street lights came on.

Now we are raising our son here and we want to teach him the values that we learned; hard work, helping friends and neighbors, and giving back to the community.


We live in Bucks County, work in Montgomery County, and have been giving back to our community since the 1990’s; whether individually, as a family, or as a small business.


 A few of the larger organizations we have supported include The Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and The USO. We support the Delaware Valley’s ‘Kisses for Kyle’ on a continued basis and have started an annual benefit dinner for suicide prevention. In 2012, as part of Operation BBQ Relief, we went to New Jersey, cooked and handed out hot meals to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. During the height of the Pandemic, we filled local shelters with pre-cooked meals.

And now…we want to help support you, our local community, through food fundraisers. Our school food fundraisers are a little different than the regular ‘fast-food’ fundraisers. 

  1. We serve fresh, homemade, wholesome food!

  2. We bring the orders to the school on pick up day, and our staff will hand out guests orders from their school! (Easy Microwave Heat Up Instructions Included)

  3. 15% of the purchase will be donated back to your organization!


Our ‘Fundraising Season’ runs between *January 1st and May 30th

  • You pick a fundraising date that works for you

  • We give you a unique online ordering link 

  • Your organization will receive 15% of all of the orders placed!


- *Guests Order food from the specific menu before the Order Deadline -

- Identify the pick-up location and times at checkout -

- Pay online -

- Guests pick up their order on specified date and time -

We come to your location on specified date & hand out pre-paid orders -

- Your organization gets a check -


*Guests may also call and speak to someone to place their order.

*Although our school ‘Fundraising Season’ runs from January1st to May 30th, we will gladly help in providing discounted staff lunches for the holiday season, professional development days, staff and teacher appreciation days, and more! Call for more info at 267-435-3276.

Menu Preview

Hickory Smoked Ribs

1/2 Rack (6 bones)      $15

Full Rack (12 bones)      $29

1/2 Tray (3 racks)      $90

BBQ Pulled Pork

1 pint (serves 2-3)      $17

1 tray (serves 15-20)      $85

BBQ Pulled Chicken

1 pint (serves 2-3)      $17

1 tray (serves 15-20)      $85

Chicken & Dumplings

Single Serving      $6.50

Family Tray (serves 4)      $25

1/2 Tray (serves 10)      $55

Small Family Meal

(Serves 2-3)

1 pint pulled pork

1 pint baked beans

1 pint coleslaw

4 scratch rolls


Large Family Meal

(Serves 4)

1 & 1/2 pints pulled pork

2 pints mac & cheese

1 pint corn

4 scratch rolls


Sides by the Pint

(Serves 2-3)

Coleslaw      $6          Baked Beans      $6

Mac & Cheese      $9       Mashed Potatoes      $6

                     Buttered Corn      $6         Marinated Roasted Veggies      $9

Cornbread   $1 Each or $12/dozen                 Slider Rolls  $7/dozen

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